S =Sit up at your table.

L =Lean forward and listen.

A =Ask meaningful questions.

N =Nod your head "yes" and "no" with sincerity.

T =Talk to your teachers.


Sit up at your table.

Sitting up means you will pay better attention to lessons, and you will interact more in classroom discussions

Lean forward and listen.

Lean forward at your table. This will indicate you are interested in the lesson. Listen to the information being presented.

Ask meaningful questions.

Ask meaningful questions about class activities, discussions, and lectures. Your question may help many more students understand the lesson.

Nod your head "yes" and "no" with sincerity.

By nodding your head "yes" or "no" you indicate your understanding of the lesson. This interaction is a form of non-verbal communication during lectures.

Talk with your teachers.

Successful students take the initiative to seek out their teachers before and after class to confirm understanding, to check grading discrepancies, and to obtain assignments after an absence.

Adapted from AVID Implementation

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